The Mt La Crosse Ski Patrol Foundation’s mission is to promote skier safety and well being and advance techniques and improve response to injuries sustained by skiers and snowboarders. This is accomplished through the solicitation of resources and diverse charitable giving to promote education, awarding scholarships and promote readiness of the Mt. La Crosse Ski Patrol.

The Ski Patrol Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes as defined in Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). This means donors can deduct their contributions on their tax returns.

The Purposes of the Foundation are to:

1. Advance techniques and strategies for responding to injuries and illnesses experienced by skiers, snowboarders and other outdoor enthusiasts;

2. Provide financial support to promote training and professional development of Mt. La Crosse Ski Patrol members;

3. Engage in all lawful activities consistent with the preceding purposes of the Foundation.

4. To interface and collaborate with the management of Mt. La Crosse and National Ski Patrol in the goals and objectives essential to the Foundation’s mission.

Board of Directors of the Foundation that shall have oversight responsibility for the management and control of the business, property and affairs of this Foundation. 

Current Board Members:

Chairperson - Brent Johnston

Vice-Chair - Steve Johnston

Treasurer - Steph Dickson

Director(s): Darren Peper, Randy Poelma and Rich Rice

Record Keeping and IRS correspondence -Ward Evenson

To Ask for financial Assistance: Go to the link below to download and complete the form. When completed, the form can be emailed back to

Asking for financial assistance form:

Donations: To make a donation to the Mt La Crosse Ski Patrol Foundation, please use the form below to contact us with your inquiry. A donation form will be forwarded to you. When we receive your donation, a receipt will be sent to you with our EIN number for tax purposes.